Monday, May 13, 2013

PVC Foreskin Restoration Device

PVC Foreskin Restoration Device
I have used different foreskin restoration devices throughout the years and liked some but sometimes
if I had much tension it would really hurt, or sometimes I couldn't get much tension and it seemed
pointless.  I've had different ideas of how to make one that can have a lot of tension but not hurt or
slip off and finally came up with this one.  I also really like this idea because it's so cheap and easy
to make.  You can wear it all day and night and don't have to take it off to use the bathroom.  Some
 people don't like to use tape but to me it's very worth it.  I wanted to make this little site in case
anybody would be interested and had the same troubles with other devices I had, along with wanting
 to use a device that didn't know if anybody would be interested but I made this device and it has
worked well for quite a while.  It's basically the film canister type but I think I have improved on it.  

I thought of the pill tube method but didn't quite like it because it seemed too small and flimsy, so
 I thought for a while and came up with just using pvc pipe since you can buy it in the small parts
(coupling). I use the 3/4" pipe but you might like one at a different size. I use a little knife or
 something to make two small holes that are parallel to each other. I then get a 1 1/4" binder clip,
take one of the two metal things out of it, stretch the two sides away from each other, then put the
ends in the holes. I've always used a waistband, put a hole in it and then I have a small caribiner that
I attach to the device and just pull the waistband for the amount of tension that I want. I use Johnson
and Johnson athletic tape, normally two times because I use a lot of tension and it can come off if
I'm not careful. I use a little bit of lotion when I'm done on the head so that when I pee I can pull
the device toward my body and make it easier to aim in case the head sort of bunches up against it
and makes a mess.  I clean it with clorox wipes, makes it easy and fast.  You can use whatever strap
 you want, I have used mostly a waistband and I pull it to one side or the other for tension.  My
shoulder got sore when I used the shoulder strap.  I have wondered if others are right about taking
so many breaks and limiting to a certain amount of hours in the day, but someone told me that he
grew his back in 2 years with cull coverage and never took breaks so that's what I'm doing now.
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